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MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, Inc.

Building Performance
For owners, high performance buildings are profitable and marketable. For users, they are pleasing and comfortable to experience. MacDonald-Miller delivers high performance with a focus on innovative engineering and operational excellence.

The contractor of choice in Washington and Oregon, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions provides mechanical engineering, design-build construction, custom metal fabrication, building system service and maintenance, and energy management programs.

From envisioning a project in the pre-construction phase to optimizing a vintage building, MacMiller responds to its customers’ unique needs with deep experience and industry intelligence. Just as importantly, we have embraced the concept of working Lean.

To start, working Lean means an obsession with providing our customers exactly what they need, when they need it. It means coming to work not only to work, but to think. It means reducing waste, defects and redundancies.

For years at MacMiller, we have fostered a culture of respect and continuous improvement for both our customers and our employees. Our mission is to satisfy our customers and be the best we can be.


Jon Hay
12911 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR 97230